My Story

“i paint in order not to cry”-paul klee 



Like most things, I fall in and out of love with paintings on a daily basis. The paintings represent modern dramas and relations, focusing mainly on creating ambiance and characters with paint. Being in relationships we explore the deep paths that make us human. I want to explore these relationships between people; displaying everyday occurrences, emotions, dreams, and traumas. I want to challenge myself and the viewer in conversation: without words, strictly visual, through marks, line, color, and composition, concentrating mostly on the physicality of the paint, and of my body in relation to the canvas. In a way I'm in the painting as a catalyst, the mover of forms, maker of gestures and builder of perspective. The colors and shape intertwine and change, as a kind of body language pressing forward and obscuring a response from the viewer. The paintings are large, and demand a presence. They are honest and untamed, challenging their own physically boundaries, constantly interrupting space.All together I would say that my concern is for a presence, a confidence of form and space, by creating a "voice" that is bigger then the canvas or the space it occupies. This big presence is my way of sharing what I think is essential. It is a movement, sensual at times, more aggressive at others but the paintings are raw, because the drama of life is being there and willing to be part of the play.